You’re engaged! Yeesssss! This. Is. It! But… now what? Where do you even start?!

You’re probably spending every free moment reading a wedding planning blog post, or on Instagram or Pinterest-trying to create your dream wedding from someone else’s, right?  And as the days pass, do you feel this nagging list of “to do’s” in the back of your mind growing bigger and bigger?

When you go it alone, wedding planning becomes overwhelming. And stressful. And exhausting. It’s like having a second full time job! You really have no idea the amount of time it takes until you are in the middle of it and Vegas starts lookin’ really good!

The Novelty Experience

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to feel like this. And that’s where I come in. I will walk with you on this exciting journey as your partner! That’s right, we are- PARTNERS. My connection with my couples is super important to me. We are going to be talking A LOT,  (hopefully over a cup of coffee or two) so it is vital for me to get to know you both and really understand your wishes, hopes and even fears! I know you have a whole lot’a different planners in Southern California that you could choose from. But know that I’m always going to be REAL with you, really listen to your ideas, and be passionate about telling your story through your wedding. I give you guidance where you need it, and calm those fears. You can relax knowing I’ve got a solution. You will never feel lost or anxious.  Remember Vegas? That will soon become a fleeting thought! You deserve to feel nothing but confidence and excitement leading up to your wedding day. You can count on us. We are always one-step ahead- all the while keeping you in the loop and offering suggestions along the way.

So lets talk over a cup of coffee and get to planning all those beautiful details!


Get to know a little about me below …


* GOOD Coffee (I’m a self professed coffee snob)

* Red & Orange Ranunculus ( I love rich colors!)

* Cheesecake ( I actually had this for my wedding instead of cake!)

* Spending time with my family (I’m married and I have 3 boys and 1 girl. They are all named after presidents. Coffee’s on me if you can guess all their names!)

* Discovering unknown bands/ musical artists (I swear I discovered Adele!)


* Laundry ( Anyone else have a clean pile and dirty pile in there room?)

* Traffic ( I find myself yelling, “Where do all of you have to go that is so important!)

* A pie that has been picked at with a fork rather than just cutting an even slice. (Directed at my husband- I know it’s you!)

* Horror movies (especially ones with creepy possessed little children!)

* Lavender - I know everyone loves the smell but I just can’t!